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Feature Log:

30 Mar 2010
- Fork
- More of a "spork" really...

24 Nov 2000
- (code) the dual pistols and the dual shotguns were added
- (code) ammo pickup done (ammo boxes give one clip. Same for weapon pickup)
- (code) can pick up a weapon only once (except for dual guns)
- (code/graphics) the grenade icon is fixed
- (code) the game gravity is forced to 450
- (code) some more little tweaking =)

19 Nov 2000
- (code) Alt Attack added with +button5 (but only the Assault Rifle has got a real Alt attack now)
- (code) reloading has been added (for both triggers)
- (code) added Alt_Ammo handling (not completed yet; works only with Assault R. now)
- (code) Pistol now fires bullets
- (code) removed Handicap Damage Scale (was giving 3x damage due to the value of 300 for PERS_MAX_HEALTH - This was a bug in RiscIt's code... We'll slap him silly tommorow!)
- (code) updated Ammo Icons on HUD (now works with weapon reloading, and added gren icons for the Assault R. )
- (code) misc: I removed the item pickup message... It looks better this way.

Individual Progress Updates

Team Organization - RiscIt (Phil Hilton):

Last Update: 03/30/10
11/22/00 - hrmmm.....

Sound - Sinister Frog (Hayden Cyr - MindYourselfMusic):

Last Update: 06/25/00
06/25/00 - BLAM!!! ZOT!!! zzzzzzZZZZZKRACKOWWwwwwwwww..........
Ungh, unghm UNGH!! Splat....

Mmmm.... deathmatch....


3 new in the works, all new. 1 other being taken from my personal project. Will have clips to post soon.


Might be doing some new sound effects.Trying to figure our what the hell I can use to do the fusion pistol. I wanna make sure the new sounds are hella-beefy compared to the old ones.

Personal life:

If anyone cares. I just got a new frog. He ate my newt. He's a bastard. My finger is infected underneath the nail from where my cat scratched. Makes it hard to play guitar. I hate cats.
Female vocalist went to mexico before recording was done. Need a new one. Vocalists are fickle. Gotta work tommorow. Work sucks. Bungie was bought by Microsoft. I want to die.

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