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Woah horsie... - Posted Wednesday, November 29, 2000 by SinisterFrog
A poll for our readers:

When I am working on the soundtrack, what do you want to hear for in game music:

A: Blasting, pumping guitar driven techno ei: M2?

B: Moody, dark, ambient gothic type trance?

C: N'sync style booty shakin' pop tunes?

Post your opinion.

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Name: Edwin
Comment: something like from Infinity would be nice. (its an Infinity MOD for q3, use Infinity music

Name: Mike
E-Mail: Darth
Comment: A or B, but preferably A... wait, make that A all the way.

Name: Evan
Comment: ill go with b becuz its probablly going to be more like HALO then. i like that music. c ya yall!

Name: Alexis
Comment: B. Definitely.

"Gothic style techno" would make the game eerier and more fun...period.


Name: AmranX
Comment: A or B

Name: stupidjerk
Comment: anyone ever heard a band called "avulsed"? well they're a death metal band, and they released a remix cd of theirs, which was done all in techno. the most unbelievable fusion of music ever, maybe. it beats the crap outta the m2 techno. if you ever get a chance to listen to this stuff, try listening to it while playing quake & UT... you'll understand. you want something that pushes the deathmatch. heavy techno is it. if you put gothic music in, it might tend to slow players down... i'd probably fall asleep. if you put nsync stuff on (i dont hate them, but due to the nature of this game...) my computer might get a case of "foot in the monitor"

Name: Pharaoh
Comment: The M2 stuff was way cool The mp3 is on the right track though. That's cool too

Name: DocSkrilla
Comment: i personally think that C is the best type of music for Marathon, so i want to listen to a Shape of My Heart style song while playing! ooh...the Backstreet Boys are sooo cute!!

AHEM@#*#&$! no.
i personally like the Power of 7 stuff. M2 r0x0rs!!
yaah. i'm a 1337 d00d. too bad the Marathon Trilogy didn't get ported over to Windoze, too. I missed out on a lot of stuff and got very jealous of Mac owners then.

Name: Adam Goddard
Comment: I'd like to hear a mixture of A and B, that pop crap is old and not for an FPS of such quality

Name: George
Comment: The origional music by Psykosonik was *awesome*! I hope you draw some inspiration from there but just about anything techno would be appropriate.

Name: Doug
Comment: I loved the musical style from the first Marathon. The sample mp3 posted
today has a nice ruff techno edge. Synister techno...

my 2 cents...

Name: RiscIt
Comment: I will personaly take my SPNKR to anyone who chooses "C: N'sync style booty shakin' pop tunes"!!!


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