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Still Kicking - Posted Saturday, September 20, 2014 by RiscIt
Despite historical observations and other outward appearances, Marathon Arena is not dead. It is simply the case that a major change in plans necessitated starting a lot of things over.

In time we will show some progress. We don't, however, want to make the same mistake as other projects and give people lots of things to drool over but not deliver for years and years, so we're waiting until closer to release.

Rest assured, however - We're here. We're alive. And we've noted that MJOLNIR Mark IV armor doesn't react well to crowbars.

Name: Adminn_1
Comment: Ha, this is like the Chinese Democracy of Marathon. :3

Name: Ethnik_1
Comment: How much of it is carried over from earlier attempts?

Name: RiscIt
Comment: The project continues. Slowly. But still faster than Valve.

Name: Ethnik_1
Comment: 04/24/16

Name: Ethnik_1
Comment: Status report?

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