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TTL=0; - Posted Monday, October 22, 2001 by RiscIt

To continue is folly;

I've received a lethal dose. I feel like
the Hf'ra'rkc'tal after his mating dance

I RiscIt, who was your master, have failed
to preserve you. Take your royalty to
guide you, and live upon the paradise that
you built for me.


Name: ScareCrow
Comment: Been looking for all sorts of Marathon for windows sites. theres Ramancy for UT and for Half Life. and then there Aleph One. Theres also Resurection. But none of these could have accomplished within those engines what this MOD might have been with the Q3 engine. you should be proud. You done good with help you had. pat yerself on the back. move on.
I would have loved to play with weapons and models in regular Q3 maps.

Name: RiscIt
Comment: "of interest" is relative.

I've been busy with real life more than anything else really.

But as far as programming goes, I've been doing a few side projects. Most notably, cARLO, a Carracho server log analyzer (which will support Hotline logs in the next version.. already working, just not released).

Here's the URL if anyone is interested, you probably aren't tho:

Name: Chris
Comment: I refuse to believe that someone who seems as capable as you is just entirely quitting programming. You must be writing something else of interest, no?

Name: Cpt. Sqweky
Comment: Sorry, that last post wasn't coherent. What I meant to say is; I'm really, really saddened that such a great effort has been foiled.

Name: Cpt. Sqweky
Comment: *sobs* Frak it! WHY! UT stinks like a smelly old... smelly thing. *sobs*

Name: Jester
Comment: Well, at least you went out with style. I'm truly sorry this didn't make it to completion.

Best wishes RiscIt,

Name: RiscIt
Comment: someone remind me at the end of December... I'll post something then when I have more time.

I gotta be reminded tho. =)

Name: Jason
Comment: Hm. I might be interested.

Name: RiscIt
Comment: and uh...

Quake does NOT suck - it's just not as good Marathon. =)

Name: RiscIt
If someone wants to play with it, I'll be happy to zip it up, but it uses the old 1.29 codebase. ( I think, maybe 1.27? it's been awhile.)

I'm not gonna bother right off if there's no interest.

Name: Outsource
Comment: Quake SUCKS!

Oh well maybe you can drop yer stuff on a server somewhere, and some geekboy will fire it up.

Name: twinky
Comment: The dream is over?


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